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American Apparel vs. Plus Size Community
Posted on June 15, 2010

I've never shopped at American Apparel because #1, they don't cater to plus sizes & #2, they're overpriced anyway. That's fine because after they blatantly said plus size women weren't the "demographic they're looking for", I was done. A lot of companies have done and said the same thing, but this second piece of controversy was the last straw. Now it's racial discrimination combined with size discrimination (peep the madness HERE). I understand that companies have protocol they have to follow and they want their employees to have a professional appearance, but to tell managers not to hire "trashy girls", but "classy" black girls with "nice hair". ARE YOU F*&%$#! SERIOUS?! What qualifies as "nice hair" and while they're giving all these restrictions, they're demanding classy employees when the company itself lacks class and integrity. I know people will continue to support the company and pay all types of prices for the same scarf or shirt they can get from Gap for $15, and that's their problem. But I refuse to support a company that's still stuck in a bigoted mind frame. Here are some things they don't fail to realize:
At the end of the day American Apparel, you may not want fat girls or black girls who straighten their hair to work at your store or buy your clothes, but you're making a grave mistake. I guarantee you will miss out on qualified people due to your ignorant practices and fat girls are the consumer. YOU need OUR money, not the other way around. Bad things happen to bad people and if you want to keep your reputation clean and continue to have a successful company, the idiots who are promoting this garbage will wise up. Okay, that was my rant of the day.

A classy plus size black girl who straightens her hair (and won't stop for anybody).

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