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Transition Update: 6 months later...
Posted on July 7, 2011

My last relaxer was January 2, 2011. I went back and forth about whether or not I wanted to go natural, but I finally decided I wanted to transition towards the end of May. 

The reasons I wanted to transition:
  1. I've always wondered what my natural texture would be like as an adult since I got my first relaxer in the 7th grade (12-13 years old).
  2. I wear my hair in protective styles (rollersets, braidouts, and twistouts) half the year anyway because I hate wearing my hair straight in the summertime because it frizzes up AND because I love having big wavy/curly hair. :) 
  3. I don't want to do a BC (big chop) like mostly everyone I know because I want to retain more length before I chop the relaxed ends off. 
  4. I want to challenge myself. 
  5. What's the point of getting relaxers when I hardly ever wear it straight anymore?
So here it is, July 7, 2011 (6 months post-relaxer) and I'm doing okay I guess. I've had the urge to cut some of my hair, but I didn't do it! For the most part, I've been wearing nothing but twistouts, braidouts and rollersets since March because those are my favorite protective styles! I still co-wash at least once a week and do one of my go-to styles I just mentioned. I would like to add some things to my product list and regimen that  will help me maintain the two textures and possibly retain length in the process. 
I'd also like to find a natural oil to incorporate in my regimen and do a hot oil treatment with my Argan oil. 

*For the past couple of days, I've been wearing a twistout. I took my updo (see previous post) down on Monday and I've just been rockin' my hair like this with a headband so I haven't had to do too much to it. So I'm definitely gonna shampoo and deep condition my hair with my Organic Root Stimulator hair mayonnaise tonight. I'll probably do another rollerset with my flexirods and do that for a couple of days.

Here are the results of my hair after taking my updo down 3 days later!

After thinking about it today, I think I may want to BC on January 2, 2012 depending on my progress. That date is subject to change. I may cut it sooner, I may cut it later. Who knows...


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