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Best Graduation Gift EVER: F.A.M.E. Tour 2011
Posted on September 22, 2011

I had the privilege of seeing my favorite artist Chris Brown on tour last night and it was absolutely amazing! Me and my friend went through hell & highwater to get the tickets we really wanted, but it was all worth it because we ended up snagging seats in second row! When we were walking to our seats, we saw Momma Joyce (CB's mommy) on the side of the stage. We waved at her and she waved back and came down to take pictures with us. She was so sweet! I've been wanting to meet her for six years and I finally did! She's a sweetie pie! Tyga, Kelly Rowland and T-Pain were also on the tour and they did great during their sets.

Then.... Breezy came out and showed out as usual. The set was amazing. He did some oldies from the first and second album and he did pretty much all my favorite songs from F.A.M.E. It was amazing. Just to see him up close like that was surreal. I loved every minute of it! DJ Babey Drew did his thing on the 1's and 2's as usual and played some of Chris' songs (old, new, and unreleased) to see who the real Breezy fans were and I loved that. I was hype for every song he played. Videos, pictures and TV do Chris no justice! He is just... gorgeous and sooooo talented! Last night definitely reminded me why I've been a fan for six years. I suggest you all go out and support the tour. You won't be disappointed!

My friend Dee Dee & I with Miss Joyce (CB's mommy)


My F.A.M.E. bracelet

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