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Shoe Haul: Spring shoes!
Posted on April 29, 2012

I went shoe shopping earlier today and decided to share all of the shoes I've purchased in the last month. As much as I love shoes, I barely own any really cute ones. My go-to shoes were ballet flats and Chuck Taylors while I was in school since I walked around campus all the time (not to mention I was a broke college student so funds wouldn't allow much shopping), but I really want to build up my collection. I've gotten some really great deals on all the shoes I bought too which is always great so here we go... I spent $95 total on the three pairs of shoes I got from Nordstrom Rack earlier today. SCORE! I'll definitely be visiting there again to buy wedges and other shoes for the summer!

"Becca-Lea" chunky heel BP for Nordstrom from Nordstrom Rack 
I haven't really learned how to properly walk in heels yet, but I went ahead and bought these because 1) they were on sale,  2) They're gray (which is one of my favorite colors) and it goes with everything and 3) because I love the chunky heel trend and I figured that would be great for a newbie like myself!

I've wanted to ditch my old ballet flats and upgrade my footwear with some loafers for the longest and I was determined to find some today and I'm so glad I did!

Steve Madden Croquet Blush Suede Loafers from Nordstrom Rack 

BP at Nordstrom Mansion Black Suede Loafers from Nordstrom Rack 
I normally don't frequent places like Charlotte Russe because they're a little too "young" for my personal taste, but I went in there anyway just for the heck of it and I fell in love with these little sandals. I love neutral colors and they had bows on them so I had to have them! It's a cute sandal I can pair with some jeans and a cute top.
Charlotte Russe Patent Leather Bow Sandals

Arizona Oxfords from JCPenney (I scored these for $5 last month!) 


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