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Confessions of the Chic: Battle of the Bulge
Posted on May 19, 2012

I've wanted to lose weight, get shape and eat healthy for the longest, but I can never seem to stay on track. I know I'm not the only person whose struggled with this. The last time I called myself "getting serious" about getting healthy was January 2011. I had just gotten back to school after spending my Christmas break at home, and when I got back I had to restock my apartment with food and bought tons of fruit, veggies, and things I could actually cook instead of canned/boxed foods. I even started working out a little tiny bit.

Well, the struggles of a college student kicked in once again so I ran out of those groceries, started getting involved with my extracurricular activities again on top of going to class and would stop to grab fast food so I wouldn't starve to death while I was on the go since I wouldn't get back to my apartment until midnight or later. I think my weight has been pretty consistent for years, but changes need to be made. I've been blessed when it comes to not having any major health problems and getting my life on track health-wise will prolong tht.

I'm almost 5 years away from being 30 and the older you get, the harder it is to lose weight, which is why I want and need to get off my butt and do it now. My lack of determination and discipline is what's holding me back, but I have to stop using that as an excuse and just get it done! Time waits for no one. The smallest things make the biggest difference. I really want to get on track and start eating healthier, because my current diet isn't the best.

Looking at tons of fitness/health blogs on Tumblr and watching Chelsea Settles reach her goal is what's been motivating me to step up and make changes. It needs to start with me changing my diet and of course exercise. I really wanna stick to it this time. Here's to hoping I stay motivated and disciplined. I really plan on taking better care of myself...after Monday because I want cake and drinks and all that other unhealthy junk on my birthday. Better yet, I'll be responsible and do things in moderation in order to reach my goal. Here goes nothing!

Stay tuned for updates on my diet changes, blogs I look to for insight/inspiration and more!

Photo Courtesy of:  Pretty and Fit & Motive Weight

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