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Memoir Approved: Angela Simmons
Posted on June 21, 2012

I love all types of fashion and I love pulling inspiration and ideas from different people whether it's a celebrity or plain old fashioned street style. There aren't many celebrities that can dress effortlessly without going over the top, but Angela Simmons seems to get it right every time!

Although her father and uncle are icons in the Hip Hop community, she's managed to make her own way as a businesswoman and I love that about her! Her hair is always on point, her style is amazing and she seems like such a sweet girl. Every time I catch her on a blog, her outfits are always amazing whether she's keeping it casual to hang with her girls or getting dolled up for an event. If she had another show, I would definitely tune in. Hardworking girls that still know how to live life and have fun without being in the tabloids every week is what I dig and Miss Angela is at the top of my list. 

By the way, Angela recently collaborated with Indique Hair to create her own line of hair extensions called "Bikini" which officially launched today and is now available for purchase! 

Photos courtesy of: Adore Angela 

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