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Welcome to Club Paradise.
Posted on June 7, 2012

Yesterday I attended the Club Paradise Tour in my city and I was extremely excited since I didn't get to catch the tour back in February when they were in Columbus.Drake added summer dates to the tour and I scored a ticket in first row at the last minute! The show was amazing! I enjoyed 2Chainz the most out of all the opening acts and I got my LIFE once Drizzy and Cole hit the stage! Both of them had so much energy and they really got the crowd going! I was so excited to see both of them since I haven't seen Drake in concert since 2010 when he performed at Vanderbilt's Rites of Spring Music Festival two months before Thank Me Later was released and I had never seen J. Cole live. I'm sooooo happy I got a ticket in the pit section, let alone the first row since those are two of my favorite artists! Great seating is key to enjoying the show (in my opinion) since going to concerts is one of my favorite pastimes. Luckily it wasn't hot yesterday since the show was outdoors so I decided to rock neon shorts with a denim chambray top since I've been in love with neon and bright colors lately.

 Here are a few shots from the show:

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