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Chic Cause: September is National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month!
Posted on September 5, 2012

With everything going on around us, sometimes we forget to focus on the important things, especially our health. Most of the time, (we) women in our early 20s (and 30s sometimes) seem to think we're invincible and that is far from true. The fact of the matter is that all women are at risk of ovarian cancer and we must educate ourselves and others to help prevent it. You would think that this is a common topic of discussion every year right up there with breast cancer because of its severity, but it is highly under recognized and I want to do my part by becoming informed and passing it on to my readers. Just like our breasts, our ovaries are an even bigger part of our bodies as women. Because of this horrible cancer, some women are unable to reproduce or lose their lives after it's too late to catch the cancer in its early stages. The symptoms of this particular cancer are very vague, making it difficult to catch in its early stages, which is why we should all make it our business to become educated on the subject and schedule regular appointments to make sure everything is in good shape. Do your part by wearing a teal ribbon, participating in a walk or giving a few dollars to a foundation to help find the cure. Every little thing counts! Be on the lookout for some quick facts on Twitter (@memoirsofotchic) and be sure to spread the word with retweets!

To learn more about Ovarian Cancer Awareness, check out the links below:

·      http://www.trocrf.org

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