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The Weave & Color Myth
Posted on January 29, 2013

There’s always been this stigmatism amongst black women that rocking a weave all the time is bad. Women constantly seen wearing anything but their own hair are accused of having an unhealthy natural mane underneath the luscious locks. In 2013, this myth is still being being passed around as the gospel.

Contrary to popular belief, you can experiment and still maintain healthy hair. There are too many learning resources available for people to still think wearing weaves or changing up your color means you’re a  'baldheaded scallywag and ain't got no hair in the back' because it just ain't true!

Angela Simmons happens to be one of my personal hair and style idols. Her hair is always laid no matter what color or cut she chooses to rock, but she also has beautiful, healthy, chemical-free hair underneath her extensions.  
Courtesy of Angela's Instagram. Check out her natural hair story here.

Because she's on the go a lot, weaves act as a protective style for her instead of risking damage from over manipulating her own locks. A lot of women look to weaves and wigs as protective styles to give their own hair a break. Because our natural locks are delicate, sometimes it’s best to put it away and let it rest from all the manipulation of styling and being exposed to the elements.  That's the part of the myth people don't tell you.

Unfortunately, some do fall short and get caught up in the aesthetic and forget to maintain the health of their own hair and there are serious consequences.. Breakage and traction alopecia are some of them. See: Naomi Campbell. So you do take risks if you don't take the time out to make sure your natural mane is cared for properly. If you give your hair lots of TLC, you shouldn't have any worries!

Bottom Line: Wear your hair the way you want to wear it. If you're iffy about a style or technique, do some research of your own online or ask a licensed professional for advice. You can experiment with different looks and still have healthy hair whether you're natural or relaxed. 

Honorable Mention: I absolutely love Janae of Elektrik TV. She's a fellow curly girl who loves experimenting with bold colors. She's tried everything from blonde to green. She's the prime example of someone who takes risks, but she still has a gorgeous, healthy head of hair because she takes the time out to give her hair that extra TLC. If you're interested in experimenting with color, but you're nervous about taking the plunge, check her out! She may boost your confidence just a tad if you're thinking about that ombre 'do or streak of pink! You can take risks and switch up your look and not suffer from damage as long as you're willing to put in the time to keep your hair healthy. 

Do you wear protective styles (weaves, braids, etc.) on a regular basis or love to color your hair? What are some tips you would give to those who are on the fence about changing up their look and maintaining healthy hair? 

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