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First Look: Angela by Angela Simmons
Posted on March 18, 2013

It's pretty safe to say that I absolutely love Angela Simmons! I'm a huge fan and she's definitely one of my favorites hen it comes to style. She knows how to go from rocker chic to preppy to glam effortlessly and she just seems to be a very down to earth, hard working girl with incredible style.

Photo Courtesy of Adore Angela
As you all know, she's started her line, Pastry with her older sister Vanessa about 6 years ago so she isn't new to the business. Now she's ventured out to start her own line, Angela by Angela Simmons. This doesn't surprise me since Angela is seen every year at NYFW.  That paired with her personal style is the perfect recipe for formulating her own line. Normally, I don't get too excited about clothing lines by celebrities because it's overdone at times, but I'm uber excited about this one! She's built relationships with many well-known designers and her personal style is amazing so working on her own line seems like the next logical step to me! Pardon me for being biased, I can't help it.
Once I lose the weight I want and need to lose (more on this later), you can bet your bottom dollar I'll be shelling out coins to get a pieces from the collection for my closet!

 Check out the clip below for a sneak peak of Angela by Angela Simmons.

If you want to keep up with Angela on the World Wide Web, check out the following links:


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