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Trader Joe's Finds
Posted on March 12, 2013

Normally I never blog about food, but I said I was gonna start doing what I want in my own space. PLUS, these are some of my new found favorite snacks and I felt like I should share this greatness with you. One day I was on Twitter and I came across one of of Kid Fury's tweets raving about the magic that is Cookie Butter, which prompted this trip to Trader Joe's in the first place. This was only my second time visiting Trader Joe's because the first time I went, it was packed and our location is a very small store so it didn't work out, but we got over there again this past weekend and there was room to breathe inside. YAS!

Anyway, we decided to stop by there this past Saturday so I could try the Cookie Butter and I ended up picking up a few other things too. I think it's safe to say black bean and corn salsa is my favorite so I decided to give the Cowboy Caviar a try. Usually, my go-to brands are Newman's Own or Kroger's own store brand. Those are both really good! Of course you need a good chip to go with your salsa and they were right next to the salsa in the display so it was a no-brainer. The salsa has a very chunky consistency and it has a little punch of spice. I will definitely buy these chips and the Cowboy Caviar again! They're both reasonably priced, the chips are organic and the salsa is only 25 calories if you're looking for figure-friendly snacks to try. I love the name and packaging for this salsa because that's the feel I got when I saw this display in the front of the store. These two goodies will definitely be on my Trader Joe's list from here on out.

Now, for this delicious Cookie Butter;  I picked up a box of these Charmingly Chewy chocolate chip cookies for dipping so I could try it in the car, plus I love a good chewy chocolate chip cookie. It's one of my all-time favorite sweets. Chiiiiiilllleee let me tell you, this Cookie Butter is heaven in a jar! You can put it on cookies, celery, crackers, ice cream, and more!  Since I'm trying to watch what I eat these days, I was glad that it only yields 90 calories per serving, plus it has multiple uses. I will definitely be making sure I keep a jar in my kitchen. The price isn't bad, it isn't fattening, it has multiple purposes and I thought the packaging was super cute. I'm a sucker for presentation, sue me.

The cookies were very good too. I would definitely buy those again.

SIDEBAR: If you have kids or you babysit or you have younger siblings, these cookies are the perfect size if you're looking for something the kiddies can snack on too! Plus they're only 130 calories per serving.

All in all, my trip was successful and I'll definitely be exploring more of their products when I visit again.

To all my Trader Joe's lovers out there, what suggestions do you have for my next trip? I'd love to know what your favorites are for the next time!


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