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Really, what's your beef with Beyoncé?
Posted on March 25, 2013

Beyoncé has had the people talking since the start of the year. Performing on Inauguration day for the second term in a row, shutting down the Superdome during Superbowl XLVII, and the most recent controversy surrounding her song, Bow Down/I Been On, which was posted to her Tumblr page a week ago. I normally stay away from doing these type of posts, especially when I'm a fan of the person in question. While I'm a huge fan of Bey, this post is solely based on logic and common sense.

I normally stay away from forums and comment sections on Youtube, Facebook and other places because that's normally where you see ignorance in the form of sexism, racism, homophobia, etc. 

Beyoncé with SHAPE Vice President/Editor-In-Chief, Tara Kraft

As you all may or may not know, Bey is on the cover of SHAPE's April 2013 issue. I was on Google trying to find the designer of the pieces she's wearing above (which is Herve Leger by the way) and I ended up on SHAPE's Facebook page where some of her photos from the issue were featured. The quote that Shape posted of hers from April 2011 was: "The most alluring thing a woman can have is confidence." Do you agree with her?

And then the hypocrisy commenced. People went on to say that they didn’t like her (with no legitmate reason behind it), complaining about her and Jay-Z wearing fur, calling her a devil worshipper and claiming that she wasn’t a “real woman” and that they would much rather see Kate Winslet or Jennifer Love Hewitt on the cover because they're real women and Bey is a pretend woman. My sarcasm slipped out. Sorrynotsorry.
I never, ever engage in debates or comment on Facebook discussions, but I felt compelled to this time around and this is what I said:
 I agree with her quote 100% and I love the fact that SHAPE reached out and decided to interview Beyoncé for the first time. I also appreciated her honesty regarding her workout routines because everybody doesn't like going to the gym and getting on machines. I'm baffled by women's claims of her not being a "real woman" like she doesn't eat, sleep and breathe like the rest of us. She is an ENTERTAINER, so she has no choice but to stay in shape with all the movement she does on stage in addition to singing. Beyoncé is in shape and the name of the publication is SHAPE for a reason. I think some people claim not to like her for no legitimate reason other than her being Beyoncé, but I digress.

All the complaints I saw regarding Bey being Shape's April cover girl had nothing to do with wanting to see "real women" on the cover at all. When people refer to "real women", they usually mean women who aren't thin, which I can appreciate as a plus size woman. However, I do not like referring to myself as a "real woman" as if thinner women aren't real women. We come in all shapes, sizes, religions, ethnicities, and so on. That's the beauty of diversity.  I did a Google search of Shape's past cover girls and this is what came up: 

See if you can spot out the "real women" these people speak of because I don't see any. NOT. ONE. As a matter of fact, I've never seen a woman who wears a size 12+ on the cover of any health/fitness publication. I noticed that most of the women who had a problem with Bey being on the cover happened to be Caucasian.We won't even get into the lack of representation of people of color in mainstream publications. That's a wholeeeeeeee 'nother topic for another time. 

As I stated in my FB comment, Beyoncé is an entertainer and her profession requires her to stay in shape.  She talked a little bit about what she had to do to lose the baby weight before her Revel  tour dates last May and what she does currently to stay in shape. I'm pretty sure most of the women featured in the past have done the same thing. It's a health and fitness publication. Nothing more, nothing less. Her and her husband's fashion choices or the music she chooses to put out have nothing to do with why she shouldn't be on the cover of this particular magazine. She's one of the most popular artists in music and she's been making major moves since the year has started in addition to releasing a new album soon and going on a world tour, it seemed fitting for SHAPE to join the ranks of GQ and VOGUE to have her on the cover for the first time. 

So with all that being said, What is really your beef with Beyoncé outside of her being Beyoncé? 


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