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My Summer 2013 Playlist
Posted on August 7, 2013

2013 has been a crazy year with everything going on in society, but it has been excellent as far as music goes! Every time new music drops from artists I like or love, it’s like Christmas for me.  R&B and Hip-Hop are looking pretty amazing this year and I am loving it! Add a tour to the equation and I’ll be a happy camper! 

Justin Timberlake came back after a six year hiatus and released a banging album (and is releasing the second half on September 30), J. Cole put out an amazing sophomore album and proved a lot of people wrong. Yeezy released Yeezus and to my surprise, it wasn't what I expected from him. The album isn't bad, but if I had to rate his albums, Yeezus would definitely be at the bottom. Drake is releasing his third album, Nothing Was The Same next month followed by a tour. Also, Tamar Braxton is finally releasing her album, Love and War next month and a new favorite of mine, Ariana Grande is also releasing her debut album, Yours Truly next month.

While we don’t have a release date for an album yet, Mario came back after a 4-year hiatus with Somebody Else featuring Nicki Minaj. We’re unclear of Beyoncé’s plans of an album, but a few songs have been randomly released in addition to the Mrs. Carter World Tour she just wrapped up. Since music has been plentiful this year, I decided to share my current favorites and songs I’ve been bumping most of the year just in case you’re looking for some jams. Enjoy! 


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