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Attention Hair Police: Have a seat!
Posted on August 2, 2013

There are a few things that grind my gears, and since I see this particular topic come up so often on social media, I decided to give my take on it.

Natural Nazis have been pretty prominent in the natural hair community for some time. These are the women who feel they have the police how natural your hair really is based on how you choose to wear your hair or what products you decide to use. Some of them feel like you're breaking the "natural code" if you choose to add color to your hair or wait for it.. *gasp* straighten your hair! 

My reason for going natural wasn't as complex compared to others. I just got bored with my straight hair and wanted to see what my natural texture was like after having a relaxer since I was 12. Others have battled self esteem issues or ended up with really damaged hair because of all the chemicals they've used over the years. For some, going natural has given some women a sense of liberation and repaired years of self esteem issues after being programmed to think textured hair isn't attractive or acceptable. I get that and I appreciate everyone's reasons as long as they don't try to tell me what to do with the hair on MY head.

There is a group of people I like to call the Natural Hair Police. These are the natural women who claim "It's just hair" and make fun of those who go the extra mile to make sure their hair gets the proper care it needs since textured hair is already fragile. Some people prefer sulfate free products, no parabens, etc. and there are others who don't mind sulfates and aren't as strict when it comes to what they use on their hair. I personally prefer to stay away  sulfates and products with mineral oil in them because they dry my hair out. That's my personal preference. We have all kinds of textures of hair and everything won't work the same for everybody so those of you who poke fun and make ignorant comments about people who prefer natural or homemade products, I don't see why it's any of your concern. 

1.) It's not your time or money being spent and 2) IT'S NOT YOUR HAIR! We have enough problems within the Black community, but some people are more worried about mocking other women instead of trying to help each other out. It's childish and it really irks me. Really, where do you get off telling somebody else how to care for the hair on their head?

I'm too busy trying to make sure my own hair is healthy and making sure it doesn't dread up on accident. 

We really have to stop being so petty and trying to police other people's actions all around. What good is it doing you to comment on how another woman cares for her hair? I'll answer it for you; NONE! Have a seat and get yourself some business. 


- Jai 

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