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MOTC (dot com) is three!
Posted on August 14, 2014

It's been three years since I officially purchased this domain. I bought it the day after I graduated from college and coincidentally on my sister's 21st birthday. I was officially a college graduate and I wanted to begin my own brand and solidify that before someone else grabbed it up so I made the move and I'm glad I did. I recently thought about switching the name, but after thinking it over and talking to a couple of my fellow bloggers, I really believe MOTC represents me. 

I initially started this blog in 2010 to talk about beauty and fashion (and I still will), but it's also grown to become sort of like an online journal for me to express my thoughts and various interests. Over the past couple of weeks, I've really been thinking about my life and what I need to do to get to the next level and I really want to put my all into this little space. It may not be much compared to others' sites, but I want to utilize it to share who I am and what I'm passionate about as a 20-somethin' trying to find my way in addition to the things I enjoy.

I decided to toss the whole 'stick-to-a-niche' thing out the window long ago, because I would be doing a huge disservice to myself if I chose to limit myself to one or two things for the sake of site traffic. I love beauty and fashion, I love music, I love talking about how awesome Black women are, and I love writing even though my posts are sporadic. I want to continue to use this space as a platform for those who are like me; who may not know what they wanna do in life, who challenge traditional gender roles, or just want to rave about how awesome BeyoncĂ© is. MOTC is my baby and I vow to take steps towards sharing and most importantly, growing as a brand and as a woman.

I wanna a give a shoutout and thank you to my fellow blogger friends who read my sporadic posts, encourage me and most of all in believe me. Yetti, Kimberly, Shenequa and Tyece, you girls are everything. I aspire to be as awesome as the four of you. 

And last but not least, a big thank you to everyone whose ever read a post, commented, or anything. Your support is everything and it really does keep me motivated when I feel like throwing in the towel. 

I wouldn't call this 'blogaversary' a celebration, it's more of a reflection for me. I just hope my 4th, 5th, and so on will be one for the books.

Here's to celebratory blogaversaries in the future!

- Jai <3 font="" nbsp="">

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